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President Lungu pledges to revamp the economy, TUESDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER, 2016 – President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has today been sworn in as President of the Republic of Zambia following August 11th general elections.

President Lungu in his inaugural speech called on Zambians to unite as the political season is now over. The President said he owed the people of Zambia development for having faith in him and would not disappoint them.
“On my part, I have learnt that there is no time and latitude to settle old scores. We have got work to do.  Let us seize the opportunity to rise above the different points of view that [seemed to have] divided us. The temptation to believe that only our solutions alone are the best is an ingrained human deficiency.  It is our duty as citizens of mother Zambia to acknowledge that we are on this journey together, as guided by our national motto: “one Zambia, one nation!”, he said.
He reiterated the need for sacrifice, responsibility and hard work in order to secure prosperity now and for future generations. He called on Zambia to inculcate a culture of sacrifice, patriotism in their quest to achieve personal and national goals.
“Let us exhibit stewardship towards our common inheritance, wealth and destiny, our land, our minerals, our environment and our people.  In our quest to secure prosperity for all, the road ahead may not be easy. It calls for commitment and hard work”, he said.
The President underlined his administration’s commitment to undertaking a firm and steadfast political and economic agenda for a better Zambia.
“I am persuaded beyond doubt that we will push even more vigorously to consolidate our transformative development agenda. We must have a little more faith and confidence in our own abilities to change our adverse situations.  We must now re-define the word investor to mean ourselves”, President Lungu said.
The President added that his primary mission for the next five years would be to revamp and diversify the economy. He said economic dependency on copper should be a thing of the past.
“In this new dispensation we must promote and sustain agriculture to become one of the main drivers of our diversification programme.  Our new mission must now be to give ourselves the ability and confidence to be masters in our own destiny. We must begin to conclusively wean our economy from the current copper mining dominated mono-economy”, he said.


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