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Zambia hails ACP-EU relations

Zambian delegation led by Finance Minister Felix Mutati paying courtesy call on ACP Secretary General in BrusselsBRUSSELS, WEDNESDAY, 18th JANUARY, 2017 – Zambia’s Minister of Finance Felix Mutati today held a successful meeting with Dr Patrick Gomes, Secretary General of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) group of states in Brussels, Belgium.
The two officials discussed a range of issues on trade and economic with regard to strengthening bilateral relations between Zambia and the ACP. They further conferred on the importance of regional integration initiatives; state of play of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), and the future of the ACP post 2020.
Welcoming his guest, Dr Gomes noted the strong bond that exist between Zambia and the ACP organisation. He also briefed the minister on the activities undertaken by the organisation in cooperation with the European Union (EU), which have and continue to bear positive results. The Secretary General hailed Zambia for political and economic stability and initiatives undertaken to develop the country. He expressed gratitude to the country and its people for supporting efforts of the ACP in ensuring existing trade barriers between the EU and ACP countries were eliminated.
And Mr Mutati noted that for development to be realised in ACP countries, there is need to strengthen engagement with the EU on the basis of mutual interest, particularly on matters of deregulation, harmonisation of rules, regulations and reduction of non-tariff barriers. The Minister expressed concern that restrictions on free movements on goods, persons, labour, capital and services were against the principle of international cooperation and development. He called for a stronger ACP-EU cooperation on critical areas such as sustainable infrastructure investment, trade and industrial policies. Mr Mutati further called for enhanced support for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector, as a major job creator in developing countries, including Zambia.
The Minister assured Dr Gomes of Zambia’s support as the organisation works out it future post 2020 when the Cotonou Agreement, a framework for the EU-ACP relations expires.

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Zambians in diaspora encouraged to participate in national development, TUESDAY 25TH OCTOBER, 2016 – Zambia’s envoy to the Benelux and the European Union (EU), Ambassador Grace M. Mutale Kabwe has implored Zambian diasporas to participate in the country’s national development.
In a speech read on her behalf by Defense Attache, Colonel Samsom Simwanda during Zambia’s 52nd Independence Anniversary held in the Kingdom of the Netherlands yesterday, Ambassador Kabwe said diasporas have a big role to play in achieving social and economic development of the country. She said Zambia cannot attain the much sought development without participation of Zambians living in the diaspora.
“Your role in national development and national-building is significant. I will not relent in encouraging you to invest in Zambia. Zambia belongs to you and therefore you have an obligation to develop your country.” She emphasized.
The Ambassador called for hard work, sacrifice and patriotism among Zambians to overcome the challenges.
The freedom fighter-generation provided an example to this generation, she said, that it takes deep patriotic conviction and selfless devotion to the greater good of all.
“This year’s theme, “Working Together for Greater Unity, Hard Work, and Patriotism” is very symbolic because, as you are aware, we are coming out of an election held on August 11th – which in the eyes of others though it would divide us. But as a country, we said no divisions! We instead came out more united, determined and stronger than ever before” she said.
Ambassador Kabwe further invited potential investors to focus on Zambia as their investment is guaranteed of maximum security, growth and prosperity. The government of Zambia, she said, will continue to implement programmes and activities aimed at attracting and promoting investment into the country.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Issued by:                                                                               

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President Lungu pledges to revamp the economy, TUESDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER, 2016 – President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has today been sworn in as President of the Republic of Zambia following August 11th general elections.

President Lungu in his inaugural speech called on Zambians to unite as the political season is now over. The President said he owed the people of Zambia development for having faith in him and would not disappoint them.
“On my part, I have learnt that there is no time and latitude to settle old scores. We have got work to do.  Let us seize the opportunity to rise above the different points of view that [seemed to have] divided us. The temptation to believe that only our solutions alone are the best is an ingrained human deficiency.  It is our duty as citizens of mother Zambia to acknowledge that we are on this journey together, as guided by our national motto: “one Zambia, one nation!”, he said.
He reiterated the need for sacrifice, responsibility and hard work in order to secure prosperity now and for future generations. He called on Zambia to inculcate a culture of sacrifice, patriotism in their quest to achieve personal and national goals.
“Let us exhibit stewardship towards our common inheritance, wealth and destiny, our land, our minerals, our environment and our people.  In our quest to secure prosperity for all, the road ahead may not be easy. It calls for commitment and hard work”, he said.
The President underlined his administration’s commitment to undertaking a firm and steadfast political and economic agenda for a better Zambia.
“I am persuaded beyond doubt that we will push even more vigorously to consolidate our transformative development agenda. We must have a little more faith and confidence in our own abilities to change our adverse situations.  We must now re-define the word investor to mean ourselves”, President Lungu said.
The President added that his primary mission for the next five years would be to revamp and diversify the economy. He said economic dependency on copper should be a thing of the past.
“In this new dispensation we must promote and sustain agriculture to become one of the main drivers of our diversification programme.  Our new mission must now be to give ourselves the ability and confidence to be masters in our own destiny. We must begin to conclusively wean our economy from the current copper mining dominated mono-economy”, he said.


Full speech can be accessed on the front page...

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Zambia proud of its democratic record-Kopulande, THURSDAY 13TH OCTOBER, 2016 – Zambia has extolled the international community for their support during the August 11th general elections.
Zambia’s Member of Parliament Honourable Sebastian Kopulande yesterday informed the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels that the country’s elections on August 11th were held under the newly amended constitution signed by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu on January 5th 2016.
He said the new constitution brought into effect clauses such as Article 47 which stipulates that ‘Elections to the office of the President shall be conducted directly under a majoritarian electoral system where the winning candidate must receive more than fifty percent of the valid votes cast’.
He said the presidential election results which were  announced on August 15th renewed President Lungu’s mandate after obtaining 50.35 percent of the total valid votes cast.
“His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu was re-elected and subsequently sworn-in on 13th September, 2016 as President of the Republic of Zambia for  a period of five years from 2016 to 2021.
The Zambian legislator said Zambia is proud that the elections were peaceful and credible, held in a free and fair atmosphere. He said the country is thus pleased of its democratic record.
Mr Kopulande who has been elected co-rapporteur for the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly expressed gratitude to all the election observers for the confidence and trust shown in Zambia’s electoral system.
“The election observers were satisfied with the manner in which the elections were held and therefore, declared the Zambian elections as generally free and fair. The elections were observed by several organisations, which included among others the African Union, Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), the Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA), the Carter Centre, the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, and the European Union. A delegation from the European Parliament was headed by Mr Michael Gahler, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and Member of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.”
He added, “the African Union for example, concluded in its report that the elections were conducted in a peaceful atmosphere within the framework that satisfactorily met the continental and regional principles of democratic elections.”
He conveyed to the ACP and the EU Zambia’s appreciation for the unwavering support rendered during and after the elections.
“I also wish to express sincere gratitude to the government and people of Zambia for the kind messages of congratulations received from your respective governments to our President on his electoral victory.”
The ACP Group is the largest trans-national intergovernmental organisation of developing countries in the international system, with 79 member countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The main goal of the Group is to drive South-South solidarity and North-South cooperation for the sustainable development of ACP countries and their successful integration into the world economy. Originally brought together as a result of the Association Clause in the Rome Treaty of 1957, which established the European Common Market, the Georgetown Agreement of 1975 formally established the ACP Group as an intergovernmental association.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Issued by:                                                                              

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