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The Economic and Commercial Section contributes to the strengthening and enhancement of the Zambia-EU economic relations. Its primary objective is to promote Zambia’s economic interests in the European Union in general and the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) countries in particular.  The major responsibility is to manage, monitor, and report on the full range of economic issues between Zambia and the European Union vis-a-vis the Benelux countries.  The Section also do provide information on doing business in the European Union in general. 

In implementing the above, the Section undertakes the following:-

(a)   Reporting on developments of the economies of the Benelux countries;

(b)   Facilitating negotiations with the European Commission, the ACP Group of States, and Chambers of Commerce in the Benelux countries;

(c)   Maintain relations with authorities in the Benelux countries and the Chambers of Commerce therein,  the ACP Secretariat and also the European Commission; Promote European Union investments into Zambia;
       Analysing the economic and financial situation and the market access conditions of the European Union.

(d)   Establishing and sustaining economic and financial cooperation between the European Union and Zambia. Informing  Zambian authorities about the economic, trade and finance policies of the Benelux countries;

(e)   Organize bilateral visits on all governmental levels and assist Zambian delegations visiting the Benelux countries; and

(f)   Provide relevant information to the Zambian business community

(g)   Enhance network in areas of Zambian economic interests.



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