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A VISA is a measure which allows for preliminary examination of Foreign Nationals to assess their suitability to enter the country. It is an endorsement on a visa form or in a valid passport of a foreigner granting such person authority to enter Zambia within a specific period upon examination by an Immigration Officer at a port of entry.

The validity of the visa is not the period in which the holder is entitled to remain in the country but a period within which the holder has to enter Zambia. As such, foreign nationals are required to use other instruments offered by the Department to remain in the country legally.


Visas issued by the Department fall into the following three categories;-

1. Single Entry Visa

A Single Entry Visa allows the traveler to enter Zambia only
once during the validity of the visa.


2. Double Entry Visa

A Double Entry Visa allows the traveler to enter Zambia twice
during the validity of the visa.


3. Multiple Entry Visa

A Multiple Entry Visa allows the traveler to enter Zambia
multiple times during the validity of the visa.


Note: Single, Double and Multiple visas shall be valid for ninety (90) days from the period of first issuance, with the exception of nationals from the United States of America for whose Double and Multiple Entry Visas have a validity of three (3) years.


Visas can further be distinguished by type, and the following are the types of visas issued by the Department of Immigration:-


Transit Visa – A transit visa is issued to Nationals who require visa to enter Zambia and are transiting through using land transport and shall be valid for a maximum period of seven (7) days.


Day Tripper Visa – A Day tripper visa is issued at a port of entry to a tourist who visits Zambia for a period of less than 24 hours and makes exit though the same port. The facility will apply to tourists visiting Zambia and wish to visit a neighboring country and re-enter within 24 hours.


Gratis Visa – A Gratis Visa is a free visa issued at Zambia Missions Abroad or at Ports of Entry to Members of the Diplomatic Community on presentation of letters of accreditation and/or Diplomatic Passports.


Note: All categories and types of visas stipulated above can be issued at all ports of entry in Zambia.




All ordinary Visitors and Tourists are entitled to a free ninety (90) days visit in any period of twelve (12) months from the day of first entry into Zambia while business visitors are entitled to a free thirty (30) days visit in any period of twelve (12) months.




Foreign nationals wishing to enter the country fall within one of the three (3) distinct categories with regard to visa requirements depending on their countries’ bilateral agreements/arrangements with Zambia subject to their rating in terms of risk, while some are placed in a particular category purely on reciprocity. The categories include;-


  • Nationals who do not require visas in order to enter Zambia;
  • National requiring visas on arrival ; and
  • Nationals required to apply for visas prior their travel to Zambia.

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