MIAGI & Duncan Ward celebrate Nelson Mandela 100, ‘Be the Legacy’ !

MIAGI & Duncan Ward celebrate Nelson Mandela 100, ‘Be the Legacy’ !


Members of the Diplomatic corps and people from all walks of life were entertained by MIAGI Youth Orchestra, a South-African youth orchestra in Brussels, Belgium.

The MIAGIcians, as the young musicians call themselves, are joined by one of the most exciting international rising star conductors today, Duncan Ward.

In the context of the global Mandela Centenary celebrations, MIAGI partners with the Nelson Mandela Foundation that coined the motto ‘Be the Legacy’. In ensembles such as the MIAGI Youth Orchestra, social cohesion happens effortlessly. MIAGI firmly believes that its young musicians are Mandela’s legacy and that the world needs such examples.

SADC members of the Diplomatic corp

The MIAGI Youth Orchestra is one of the flagship projects of the South African NGO, ‘Music is a great investment – MIAGI’, founded in 2001 with the goal of promoting social cohesion and contributing to positive social development by offering children and young people the opportunity to study music and engage in musical activities.

In the MIAGI Youth Orchestra, young musicians from all different origins and backgrounds make music together, in an atmosphere that is friendly, contagious and inspiring. The harmonious way in which these young musicians experience their mixed origins represents a microcosm of Mandela’s dream and of the rainbow nation that is South Africa.