Tourism Section Profile

Apart from the most spectacular views of the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zambia have some of Africa’s finest and unique game reserves in the world. ZNTB seek to assist all by providing resources on their website. There you’ll find all the details you need on what to see, where to stay, How to get there and when to go.



There’s extensive information on the main Cities and towns with easy to find information on what to do and where to stay.
Choose from a variety of Wildlife Safaris to enjoy Zambia’s astounding and diverse concentration of wild animals and birds.

Try the Adventure section for high action adrenaline thrills and off-the-beaten track adventures: rafting, kayaking, and canoeing trails, 4×4 routes. House boating, horseback trails, scuba diving, bungi jumping, micro lighting and some of Africa’s best fishing spots – with all the contact details.

Zambia has an incredible natural heritage with many unique species found only here. The Wildlife section reveals all.  Bird lovers, print the Bird checklist of Zambia, there’s over 740 and the Birdlife section will tell you what birds are found where.

The Directory section is a listing of all Zambia’s, hotels, lodges, safari operators and service providers, with email, contact details and links to their websites.

For Travel Info visit the ZNTB site and learn how to get here and how to get around and has a wealth of information for the traveler. There’s an easy reference for ‘need to know’ details like health requirements, climate, customs, vehicle permits, visa and immigration requirements and more.
The ZNTB site provides a list of the best Tour and Safari Operators in Zambia who will arrange a complete trip for you according to your requirements.

Travel Agents offer a range of agents around the world that specialize in trips to Zambia. You can also book with ZNTB’s own expert agents in Zambia.